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Prof. Dr. Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren is a full professor of Science Education in the Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences as well as the scientific leader of the Center of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Research (SMEER) at KaU. Her research include teaching and learning about socioscientific issues and information argumentation, cognitive psychology in learning sciences, science communication, teacher education, students’ learning interests towards sciences and scientific literacy for all. To date, she has published 22 articles in different international peer-reviewed journals and presented 33 international conference papers. Prof. Dr. Chang Rundgren has also involved in different research projects and cooperation internationally with colleagues in Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Norway, UK and Sweden. Under the team of SMEER, there are a total of five senior lecturers and 15 PhD students in Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Mathematics Education and Technology Education. The main task of SMEER is to develop research about teaching and learning in sciences and to bridge the gap of research and school practices.


Dr. Carl-Johan Rundgren is a senior lecturer of Biology Education in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. He was an experienced biology teacher in a senior high school for 10 years. His research is about visualization and science communication. In this project, he will work for the Delphi part as well as project dissemination.


Dr. Tomas Persson is a PhD in bioinformatics at Stockholm University. He is interested in ICT development in relation to teaching and learning in sciences.

Science educators

Mr. Torodd Lunde is a science teacher in a junior high school in Sweden and he is interested in inquiry- and context-based science education. In this project, he works on the teacher training, CPD, part.


Mrs. Susanne Walan, an adjunct lecturer, has Master of Science in biology. She has worked on promoting science and technology learning for 16 years at the university and acts as the project leader of the science center ‘Kunskapsgatan’ since September 2011. Mrs. Walan is also deeply involved in the project ‘Teknikerjakten’ since 2004, which is a recruitment project in science and technology at Karlstad University, and until today, this project has involved thousands of pupils, teachers and headmasters in the region around the university.

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