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Manage IMS Enterprise Web services

Management of IMS Enterprise Web services allows administrators to manage integration with external systems such as SIMS. Administrators can find the feature by clicking Admin and then looking under Logs and information and Manage IMS Enterprise Web services.

Today the integration is limited to SIMS.

The integration view

The integration view shows you a list of the integration elements you already have, and it allows you to edit, add, and delete these.

Heading Explanation
Title The title of the integration.
Hierarchy The itslearning hierarchy to which the integration belongs.
Status The status of the last run. The first number shows how many requests were made in the last run. The first number in brackets shows how many requests succeeded, the second number shows the number of warnings, and the third number indicates how many failed.
Last run The date and time of the last run.
Administrative provider The type of administrative provider or the name of the exporting system.


ClosedAdding integration elements
ClosedEditing integration elements
ClosedDeleting integration elements